15 Small Breweries in the US Well Worth a Sip

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A lot of factors come into play when rating cruise lines. These include food, cabin quality, cleanliness, service, off-shore excursions, history, entertainment and even the impact on the environment. The following cruise lines fail in at least one of these categories, with some disappointing in a number of them. From a history of unreliable ships to dangerous ports of call to teeny tiny cabins to horrible food, there is no shortage of things that can make a cruise go from good to bad in a matter of seconds. Friends of the Earth (FOE), a compilation of environmental organizations, produces a yearly report card on the cruise ship industry. Based on their recent study, here are 8 cruise lines to avoid in 2015. It makes us wonder, are they any really good reliable cruise lines left on the high seas?

8. Royal Caribbean

How did a reputable cruise company with spacious cabins, great service, amazing amenities and otherwise good reviews end up on this list? One word; norovirus. This is the fourth time in two years that this company has had to cut cruises short due to an outbreak of this quickly spreading gastrointestinal illness. Vomiting and diarrhea aren’t exactly fun symptoms to have on a rocking ship in the middle of the ocean. Although this cruise line is being credited with dealing with the situation as best they can, we have to wonder why this virus is impacting this particular cruise line so heavily. One thing is for sure; you may want to avoid them if you want to stay healthy.

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