Amazing ways to reuse and repurpose items

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I am very much into repurposing things. In order to keep it out of the landfills, if I can use something for another purpose, I really try to do that. My most recent favorite project was making an old ladder into an awesome bookshelf. I am currently on the hunt for an old, vintage suitcase to do the chair project. I think that is such a fantastic, whimsical idea. You can turn old books into small shelves to hold knick knacks. Your granddads old bowler hats can be turned into one of a kind lights, or you can make the most awesome room divider out of colorful plastic hangers! If you drink wine, start saving up your bottles and eventually you can make whimsical chandeliers! Scout out for old bathtubs to make neat couches that will definitely be talked about. There are so many good ideas to reuse old things. See them all.

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