Cows Are Not Impressed by Baby Elephant’s Dance Moves

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Source: YouTube/ElephantNews

Source: YouTube/ElephantNews

A baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand has too much swag for its own good. The little trouble-maker named Navann frequently goes too far when it comes to his boisterous personality.

In a video posted by Elephant News that has since gone viral, Navann is seen running amok before getting bored and heading over to tease the cows. The baby elephant quickly pulls out some of his best dance moves – throwing his head and spinning around.

Source: YouTube/ElephantNews

Source: YouTube/ElephantNews

I mean, it’s some pretty complex stuff.

The cows, unfortunately, do not agree.

While Navann does manage to draw a crowd, the cows seem rather indifferent to his wild routine.

Oh well. It’s OK, Navann. Us humans appreciate your dance more than you know.

Watch his full routine below:

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