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New Specie of Centipedes Discovered Near Fukushima

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Japan| A team of international scientists studying the effects of the radiations leaked by the nuclear central of Fukushima on the local wildlife, has discovered a very surprising new specie of endless, headless centipedes.

For the moment, we understand very little about the life of these creatures explains William Schillings, an expert in biogenetics and member of the team who made the discovery. We dont really understand how it feeds or reproduces, although we have already made a few important steps forward in our research and are looking forward to studying the specimens we found.

According to the scientists first observations, the creature seems to feed off nuclear radiations, a source of nourishment easily available in the region, through a bioenergetic process similar to the photosynthesis used by plants.

Both adult and young specimens have been captured for study, as well as many eggs, meaning the creature has already developped a functionning reproduction cycle, although very little is known about it.

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