Ridiculously expensive nail polishes

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I like a good manicure just as much as the next girl, but I balk at paying ten dollars for a bottle of polish sometimes! I cant imagine ever plunking down the cash for these opulent fingertips, even if I had the money! These make for some beautiful fingertips, for sure, and I will just imagine how good they would look on me. I mean, who wouldnt love to have actual diamonds to adorn their nails? That would be awesome! But at fifty-one thousand dollars, thats a cost not too many can justify. Most women want pretty nails for the big day, for showing off the ring and such, and one company makes a polish aptly named I Do. Made of platinum powder and ringing in at fifty five thousand dollars, i can only imagine how much one who uses this spent on a dress! It would appear, though, that nobody likes a good nail polish more than Kelly Osbourne. Shes spent over a million on just two bottles! That better be some good polish! See what they are made from, and the rest of the couture nail dressings.

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Copyrights: http://diply.com/creativeideas/you-wont-believe-insane-costs-these-nail-polishes/43964

Copyrights: http://diply.com/creativeideas/you-wont-believe-insane-costs-these-nail-polishes/43964


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