This Clever Campaign Reminds Us Not To Measure A Womans Worth By Her Clothes

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Even before the age of miniskirts, it has always been deemed acceptable to regard a womans hemline as being indicative of her quality.

To this day, the mentality that womens clothes make them less or more deserving of harassment is still very present in our society. This is clearly observed in the use of sexual innuendo or disembodied female parts in the marketing of anything from vehicles to jeans, and even burgers.

Theresa Wlokka and the students at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany, however, are fighting fire with fire by creating an ad campaign that not only breaks the marketing stereotype, but attacks it.


Designed for Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss human rights organization focusing on gender equality, these brilliant photos brazenly depict demarcation lines on something that society does measure, but never admits to.


Images via miamiadschool.de

These photos encourage us to examine our own preconceived notions, and are a powerful reminder that a womans worth has nothing to do with the dress, but everything to do with the woman wearing it.

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